Monday, February 06, 2006


Arabs treated differently than Jews by Shin Bet

Yes, a shocker, I know (I do hope, dear reader, that you were sitting down before you read that astounding news). In a talk at a West Bank Jewish settlement, Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin announced the racist treatment of Palestinians by the Shin Bet in an attempt to fend off accusations that the Shin Bet was treating extremist Jewish settlers unfairly.
"If I had arrested a terrorist from Nablus and Eden Nathan Zada," Diskin said, referring to the Jewish terrorist who gunned down four Israeli Arabs last August in a bid to hamper the Gaza disengagement, "they wouldn't have received similar treatment in interrogation or court."

"A Jewish detainee and one from [the Israeli-Arab town of] Umm al-Fahm, would not be treated equally by the judicial system," Channel 10 news quoted the Shin Bet chief as telling a group of teenagers in the West Bank settlement of Eli.

"If we're talking about discrimination, you would find out that the discrimination leans much more in favor of Jews than Arabs."
Of course, Zionists will tell you that Israel should be immune from the charge or racism, and that the Palestinians of Umm al-Fahm should be praising Israel to the heavens, because it allows them to vote in the Knesset. That some might not is only evidence of typical Arab ingratitude.

You're right I am in utter shock!! I hadn't read that article, thanks for the post!! I like your blog, I will be checking often!
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