Friday, December 30, 2005


Happy New Year: A look back at Iraq in 2005; What, is Tulkarm in Israel now?

Yes, I haven't written anything in a long time. I've been busy.

But now that the New Year is approaching, perhaps its time to take a look back at 2005. And that's what Eliot Weinberger did with regards to Iraq in the most recent issue of the London Review of Books. I definitely recommend reading it -- personally, all these things we hear about Iraq tend to blur together: you can't remember what was said two years ago or two weeks ago. So it's interesting to look back and see the kind of trajectory of the war in Iraq over the past year, as well as the trajectory of the Bush administration's talking points vis-a-vis Iraq.

Also, on a totally unrelated topic, I am a bit frustrated with the Guardian today. Usually their coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict (and of things in general) is quite good. However, they currently have a headline and link from the World News page that read "Suicide Attack in Israel" and "Three killed in Israel suicide attack," respectively. Now that's all well and good except for the small fact that the bombing actually took place inside the West Bank at a checkpoint near the Palestinian town of Tulkarm. So what, is Tulkarm part of Israel now? I know there are some people that think it is, but I should hope the Guardian wouldn't fall into this group. Why not: "Three killed in West Bank suicide attack";
"Suicide Attack in West Bank"? Anyhow, I fired off a letter to the editor and if anybody else would like to, here's the email address:

So cheers, and a Happy New Year to all!

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