Thursday, December 01, 2005


Shimon + Arik

So I guess I read too much into those early reports that Shimon Peres was going to stick with Labor. He isn't. And, as Daniel Ben Simon writes in his op-ed savaging Peres in Ha'aretz, he's Sharon's problem now. Ben Simon writes this about the great Nobel laureate:
One has to admire the political maturity the Israeli voters have shown when it comes to Shimon Peres. With their sharp senses, they picked up on what colleagues, individuals with vested interests and benefactors tried to cover up for years. The aforesaid always marketed Peres as someone who is driven by peace and the good of thecountry, and as a man of the world who could bestow honor on the state. But the simple folk, those who have it tough, those with morals and a conscience who truly have the good of the country at the forefront of their concerns, have always seen him as an incorrigible opportunist, a politician lacking in qualities, a power-hungry individual who became addicted to the pleasures of the government.
Good riddance for Labor -- the only problem is that the same people who are convinced that Peres was the ultimate "warrior for peace" think the same thing of Sharon now. The two coming together has cemented their collective identity as the grizzled old warriors with hearts of gold. Ugh.

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