Monday, November 07, 2005


Newsweek coverage of French Riots

Angry Arab provides a link to a Newsweek story on the Paris riots asking "will the riots swell the ranks of jihadists in Europe?" Christopher Dickey, the author of the piece and Newsweek's Paris bureau chief, writes:
The first and most obvious casualty was the reputation of French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy.
Hmmm... it would seem to me that the first and most obvious casualties were the two boys who were electrocuted. And perhaps then the poor suburb dwellers who have lost businesses or property in the riots. You know, like, actual casualties. Not some asshole's reputation.

Christopher Dickey mouths the same tiresome economic and victimization lectures most mini-marxist journalists recite to blame everything on institutions and absolve individuals from any responsibility.

UNLESS OF COURSE IT IS TO BLAME BUSH FOR KATRINA AND FOR FLUSHING KORANS, as Newsweek did with its usual penchant to the radical Democrats.

I continue to read Le Monde and the French press, and lived several years in France. From my experience as a former political officer in the State Dept, it is clear the elitist dirigiste boutique-left political class continues to undercut Sarkozy. He went over the top by calling the arsonists "racaille," but mainly he is guilty of calling for law and order without the obeisances the socialist mandarinate in Paris thinks the poor disadvantaged arsonists deserve.

Dickey is a leftist parrot, as are Craig Smith of the NYT and Molly Moore of the WaPo.

AP, Reuters, Guardian, BBC, and other MSM socialism-lite purveyors all describe the rioters as some sort of band of "brigands" with no pedigree.

THEIR PEDIGREE IS ARAB, AFRICAN, with some stragglers from the drug culture.

This is no jacquerie from the farms and forests; THIS IS AN INVASION BY ANOTHER CULTURE/CIVILIZATION.
ahh, i see dave in boca has the same "alien invasion" attitude that led the washington times, in their friday edition, to tie the paris riots directly to the issue of immigration in the U.S. (see here). That is, it's only a matter of time before we see the equivalent of Paris in Washington, DC (only the dark-skinned people to our south mostly speak Spanish). but this transition is easy enough to make for the racists.
Omigosh. An invasion by another civilization-slash-culture?? Bound to be a raving success, just like that Iraq thing I keep hearing about...

Aunt Deb
reminds me of this.
Dhimmitude, dhimmitude, dimbulbdude...

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