Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Has Madonna completely lost it?

So here's the story. The Kabbalah Center, a religious center in Tel Aviv that hosted Madonna when she visited Israel, has been charged with criminal fraud for asking for "donations" in order to "cure" a woman who had cancer. The full story is here, but here's the gyst of it:
Leah Zonis was told by staff at the Kabbalah Centre that if she paid them large sums of money she would be cured of cancer, her husband Boris told the Guardian yesterday....

[Then director of the center Moshe] Rosenberg suggested that a donation would lead to a full recovery. "I immediately offered 5,000 shekels [£600] but he said that the donation had to be painful and suggested $30,000 [£17,000]," said Mr Zonis. "I though this was stupid and these people were crooks but my wife was so desperate and so ill that I agreed."

Members of the centre would pray for her, Mrs Zonis was told, and she could increase her chances of recovery by drinking branded water at £4 a bottle.

By 2002 Mrs Zonis's condition further deteriorated and she approached Mr Youdkevitch, who had become director since Mr Rosenberg's departure to the US. According to Mr Zonis, Mr Youdkevitch was aware of the previous donation and told them that it had not been enough to cure Mrs Zonis. He suggested that they donate a further $25,000 (£14,000).

Mrs Zonis borrowed the money but her health continued to decline and she died at the age of 50. By the time of her death she realised she had been conned and asked her husband to go to the police, according to Mr Zonis.
Really its a tragic story and the behavior of the Kabbalah Center and its officials is quite deplorable. Of course, the story comes back to Madonna, who was asked to defend her belief in Kabbalah and her association with the Kaballah Center. Madonna's response?
"It would be less controversial if I joined the Nazi Party," she said. "It's not hurting anybody."
Excuse me? The Nazi Party? It seems that Madonna is out of her bloody mind.

I especially like the "it's not hurting anybody" bit. Hm. So how does that work? The old bag was gonna die anyway, so taking her money and promising her a cure "didn't hurt"?

But then, I don't really think someone who made their name with a song about bein' a material girl really had too far to go to the bottom...

Aunt Deb
plus that remake of "swept away"? yik.
Awww, c'mon. She's just trying to relive her childhood fantasies. Widdle horsies, romantic stupidities...pretty much a sad sack of a person, I think. Not so surprising that she's selected England as her new homeland, really. France is probably looking more attractive every minute, what with the race riots, though.

Aunt Deb
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