Friday, October 07, 2005


Washington Monument Evacuated

So not only did they pull that stunt with the NY subway, now this from NBC4 in DC:
U.S. Park Police have evacuated the Washington Monument.

Police received a telephone threat to the Washington Monument. The National Mall area near the monument has been evacuated. A source said that the threat has limited credibility.

Constitution and Independence avenues have been closed, as well as 15th and 17th streets.
I mean come on, is this really possible that we're having all these threats the day after Bush made his speech about al-Qa`ida being out to get us and so we need to kill them in Iraq? I mean, sure it's possible, but all I know is that it's raining really hard right now here in DC and I'd be mighty pissed if I had to be standing in the rain around the Mall somewhere because of this. But that's just me.

(Thanks, Amanda, for the alert and the link)

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