Friday, October 07, 2005


Are we really going to play this game again?

So there are no color codes being bandied about. But, amazingly enough, the day the president gives a speech to rally support for the war in Iraq and in which he mentions that the U.S. has foiled no less than ten al-Qa`ida plots against it, is the same day that a threat on the NYC subway system gets big play in the headlines. Now, I'm not saying that the threat against the NY subway isn't 100% valid. No, a Bush administration official admitted as much.
But a Bush administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because details of the investigation are classified, said "recent operations abroad" determined that the threats were dubious.

In a statement, the Department of Homeland Security said, "The intelligence community has concluded that this information is of doubtful credibility."
Maybe I'm too much of a conspiracy theorist over here, but it just seems too perfect that a threat of "doubtful credibility" is on the front page right next to Bush's speech on Iraq and al-Qa`ida.

Anything's better than having the headline "Rove Summoned to Testify Second Time By Grand Jury" be right next to "Bush Gives Insane Speech Calling for Global War For Eternity", doncha think???

Aunt Deb
or "Six Marines Die in Iraq Attacks"

also, I noticed Blair is talking about Iran being involved with the insurgents in Iraq again (really, I don't know how these people can really buy into their own shit so much that they can accuse anybody of "meddling" in Iraq). as my cranky coworker who is an expert on Iran was yelling the other day, why the hell would Iran (which sees itself as the beacon of Shiite Islam in the world) be giving weapons that are being primarily used to kill Shiite Muslims in Iraq?

But wait, did somebody just try to use logic? NOT ALLOWED!!!
Tony is working up such a head of froth and bubbles because those undercover assholes in Basra were certainly doing something, now weren't they. He might even have convinced himself he knows what he's talking about, but basically, he's just trying very very hard to survive politically in his own fucking country. Which entails having 82-year-old geezers who protest verbally at a political meeting thrown out. We're waaaay beyond logic with this crowd, honey.

Aunt Deb
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