Thursday, September 15, 2005


Where's the trust?

Though we know that freedom is on the march (or so I've heard), there seems to be a global lack of confidence in politicians and governments. The Guardian reports:
Commissioned by the BBC World Service, Gallup interviewed more than 50,000 people in 68 countries, representative of the views of 1.3 billion people worldwide. The main exclusions were China and most of the Middle East, where government restrictions make polling difficult or impossible. Overall, slightly less than half of those surveyed (47%) felt that elections in their country were free and fair. Confidence in elections was highest in Scandinavia (82%) and South Africa (76%), and lowest in West Africa (24%) and the former Soviet Union (25%).

Worldwide, politicians represent the least trusted occupation in the survey, scoring only 13%. Religious leaders are the most trusted (33%), followed by military/police leaders (26%), journalists (26%) and business leaders (19%).

Asked which types of people they would like to give more power to, 35% favoured "intellectuals" (writers and academics), followed by religious leaders on 25%.
And you'd have to imagine that if China and the Middle East were included we wouldn't be seeing a huge leap in the numbers for politicians. But seriously, folks, let's hear if for writers and academics.

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