Friday, September 16, 2005


Mosques in Israel

Meron Rapoport of Ha'aretz writes a great article today, in which he visits the sites of several mosques in Israel that have been converted into synagogues or were abandoned following 1948. Quite a history lesson. One example (from the section on the Wadi Hunayn mosque, now the Geulat Israel synagogue in Nes Tziona):
Based on its Oriental facade, it is no different from other buildings that were built in the same style in the colonies of that era, even in Tel Aviv. It is therefore difficult to notice it was originally a mosque. "Those who are not old-timers here don't know there used to be an Arab neighborhood here, and a mosque, which essentially threatened the existence of the colony," writes [Avner] Kahanov. "The mosque was converted into a synagogue in which people pray for peace."

Kahanov mentions the mosque minaret, which no longer exists. One veteran Nes Tziona resident offers a simple explanation to this mystery. "On May 15, 1948," he recounts, "the entire colony gathered around the mosque. On the following evening, the Arabs disappeared from the center of the colony. We got up in the morning and they had left without a trace. We stood around the mosque, a few Palmachniks climbed up to the minaret, tied a rope around it, gave a vocal 'heave-ho,' and the minaret fell down." The man, who is well-known in Nes Tziona, says even then he felt shame at what he saw. But he is not prepared to speak out. The sensitivity is still too great.

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