Monday, August 22, 2005


This anti-disengagement protest brought to you by . . .

From Ha'aretz:
The eyes of the world will be trained on the settlement of Sa-Nur, where hardliners were holding out against Israeli evacuation forces. So says a young couple purporting to own a house in Sa-Nur, who are offering to sell advertising space on their home on eBay.

"Put your ad on West Bank Settlers Fortress!" blares their ad on the auctions website. The starting bid: $40,000....

The couple explains it plans to hole up with "hundreds" more to fight the evacuation forces.
What company wouldn't want to be associated with a bunch of religious nuts holed up in a settlement slated for destruction? Sounds like a wise investment to me.

Hmmm. I'm thinking we should start up a collection and bid on this sucker for Banksy...

Aunt Deb
Ha! Brilliant.
Well, that's you and me so I guess we only need 39,998 bucks more!

Aunt Deb
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