Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Stiff Upper Lip?

So all we heard about after the July 7 bombings in the London subway and bus system was how stoic the response was by Londoners, the stiff upper lip and "life must go on" attitude and all that. Well, that wasn't the only response of course.
Figures released by London police on Tuesday showed crimes motivated by religious hatred had increased by nearly 600 percent since the July 7 London bombings.

Metropolitan Police said they had received 269 reports of religious hatred crimes - including verbal and physical attacks and criminal damage to property including mosques - since the bombings which killed 52 in London on July 7.

This was compared to 40 similar crimes in the same three and a half week period last year.

In the three days immediately after the attacks, which are believed to have been carried out by three young Britons from Muslim Pakistani families and a fourth man who moved from Jamaica as a child, there were 68 religious hate crimes reported in London, compared to none in the same period last year.
Good job, England. Of course, Tom Friedman would have us believe it's because not enough British Muslims spoke out to condemn terrorism.

Did a comparable backlash occur against Irish living in England during the height of that mess, I wonder?

As for Tom Friedman, he's a sad sack. I suppose all those folks who say he was a great reporter at one time may be right, but that time is gone and his current performances are making it almost impossible to believe it ever existed.

Aunt Deb
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