Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The revolution will be televised (and copyrighted)

It's a business plan par excellence. U.S. pseudo-NGOs invest in the marketing or a revolution. The revolution takes off. The son of the leader of the revolution copyrights the revolutionary symbols. Everybody wins, right? (some just win more than others)
The symbols of Ukraine's orange revolution last year have been registered as profitable trademarks in the name of the eldest son of the revolution's leader, Viktor Yushchenko.

Crowds protesting over the fraudulent presidential elections of November last year were decorated with a series of opposition logos, including the Tak! logo (Yes! in Ukrainian) and a downward-facing horseshoe. The logos were predominantly on backgrounds of orange - the colour of the opposition.

Mykola Katerinchuk, a former legal adviser to the Yushchenko campaign and now a senior tax official, said he had personally transferred the copyright to Andriy Yushchenko, the president's 19-year-old son, after the third and final round of elections in December. Questions are now being asked as to how much money these highly popular logos have generated for the Yushchenko family.
If somebody somewhere casts a ballot, that's democracy, though, right? Viva la revolucion!
[Adriy Yushchenko counts his money]

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