Wednesday, August 24, 2005


"Everything will be B'sader"

Michael Crowley, filling in over at Talking Points Memo, is doing his best to unravel the Jack Abramoff-Tom DeLay tangle of corruption, particularly looking into the role of NaftaSib. Crowley writes:
NaftaSib is a Russian oil and gas company which apparently underwrote a six-day "fact-finding" trip to Moscow that DeLay took with Abramoff in 1997, during which the two met with NaftaSib executives for reasons that remain unknown. The trip and DeLay's meeting with NaftaSib officials was widely reported earlier this year. What I never saw was any follow-up on additional evidence released by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee on June 22 that shed some additional light on Abramoff's relationship with NaftaSib, and on the company's true nature.

That evidence included an eye-popping 2001 email between Abramoff and a Russian man named Vadim. The email concerned the purchase of paramilitary equipment, apparently including night vision goggles, that Abramoff intended to send to his Israeli West Bank settler friends.
Crowley provides a link to the actual text of the email (p. 79 of this pdf), and reading it really shows how nutty these folks are. Abramoff's nutty settler friend Schmuel Ben Zvi, the one purchasing high powered military thermal visors from shady Russian corporations, writes the following about passages from the Zohar [all spelling/capitalization/grammar errors are in original]:
About the pasages,
1) Daf vav in the hagdama of the Zohar mentions Beladin.
2) And parchas Balak in the Zohar says that before Moshiach comes three towers will burn in the gate of Rome (edom), I freaked out when I saw how the schematic drawing in newsweek refered to the smaller (45 story) world trade center building is refered to as the "third tower"
Ok, so I would trust this guy to write for the Weekly World News -- I'm not so comfortable with him buying military equipment for settlers in the West Bank. The fact that he has close ties to a high-powered lobbyist/fundraiser/DC mover-and-shaker is quite illustrative, I think, of how fucked we all are. Seriously, one of the leading fund-raisers for the president of the United States is setting up shady deals for military equipment going to a settler in the West Bank who is talking about 9/11 being a sign of the coming of the Messiah. As they say, something ain't b'sader about all that.

(Thanks to Aunt Deb for sending me to TPM)

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