Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Who said that?

It's time for a new game. It's called "Who said that?" It's pretty self explanatory. Let's play, shall we?
"The Muslim Brotherhood committed 9/11 through its offshoots. All of them, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Gemal Islamiya, are offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood," he claimed. "There is no such thing as a moderate Islamist."
Alrighty, everyone, WHO SAID THAT? Was it (a) Daniel Pipes (b) Barry Rubin (c) Martin Kramer or (d) Ahmed Abul Gheit.

SPOILER! OK, I'm giving away the answer -- it's (d) Ahmed Abul Gheit, the Egyptian foreign minister. This is the explanation given for why you can't allow free and open elections. That's the damn thing about democracy, isn't it, once you have it then you have 9/11 perpetrators in office. Is that what you want? Of course it isn't, which is why Condi didn't say a peep about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

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