Monday, June 20, 2005


War on Terrorism Update: From Today's News

Condi is taking a little trip around the Middle East, talking the democratic talk. In the meantime, though, U.S. actions (or in some cases, failure to take action) continue to see results that are not exactly promising. In Afghanistan, the first country the U.S. invaded after 9/11, the Guardian reports that "al-Qa`ida militants raise fears of Taliban resurgence." Meanwhile, the news from Iraq continues to feature attacks by insurgents resulting in more dead and wounded. Today's attack: "At Least 16 Iraqis Killed in Suicide Car Bombing" (Washington Post). Meanwhile, in Israel/Palestine, Danny Rubinstein warns of "The third intifada" that is brewing in the current conditions -- conditions that the U.S. policy toward Sharon (giving him a free hand in terms of building the wall in the West Bank and continue settlement expansion there as long as he continues to talk about "disengagement from Gaza") and Abbas (asking him to take politically costly actions, such asking for an enforcing a cease-fire, while providing him relatively little in terms of accomplishments that would boost his political capital) have in no small part induced. Of course, one might induce from this news that occupation does not solve the problem of terrorism/political violence and, indeed, serves only to inflame it. But of course we must stay the course, we can't give in to the terrorists, and all that crap.

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