Monday, June 13, 2005


"Let them disengage already"

The disengagement from Gaza seems to be a concept that has been surviving purely on its own hype for quite a while now (I've always said personally that I'll believe it when I see it -- not that I think it's impossible, but I seem to have lost interest in talking about how important it is after about the first month that nothing happened). Zvi Bar'el writes in Ha'aretz discussing the extreme delays that have kept the Gaza disengagement from happening thus far and those factors that may continue to keep it in the world of the imagination and out of reality:
As the "determining date" (the term used in the Evacuation Compensation Law) draws nearer, it turns out that the disengagement is not being delayed by the blocked highways, by the sugar that destroyed bulldozer engines or by the glue that plugged the locks of government offices. Rather, this delay seems to be the result of a bureaucratic failure. There is almost no institution in the northern Negev that can report about an organized plan of absorption. Employment bureaus, schools and contractors building infrastructure on kibbutzim cannot say for how many people the infrastructure is planned, how many pupils will arrive and how many teachers will be needed. The pictures from the defense minister's miserable meeting with the settlers of northern Samaria spoke for themselves. None of those present at the meeting knew where they would be living two months from now, or where their children would go to school. And these are people who are dying to be evacuated, who would like to take advantage of the summer to prepare their new home.
So what, one wonders, is the incentive for the Sharon government to send in the troops to face the hardcore militant zealots (making national and international TV, undoubtedly) when it hasn't even made arrangements for those who want to leave? I'm very interested to see how this plays out, but as to there not being a single settler left in Gaza by the end of the summer -- let's just say I wouldn't bet the farm on that.

Hey, let's let Jack Abramoff snocker some Indian tribe into offering a portion of their reservation to the displaced settlers! I'm sure he could make it happen...

Aunt Deb
oh cmon, they don't want that shit land -- a more reasonable idea is to bump some more palestinians off their land in the west bank and then offer the reservation land to THEM!
Damn, Alex, you're too good at this! Are you sure you're not really working on K Street??

Auntie D
maybe it's that when the breeze blows off the river i get hit with all those k-street fumes.
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