Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Israeli survey results

In a survey conducted by Sami Smooha within Israel, it seems that a large majority of Palestinian citizens of Israel are willing to accept Israel as a Jewish state but cannot accept Israel as a Zionist state.
According to the results, while 70 percent of Israeli Arabs are able to accept Israel as a Jewish, democratic state, only 13.8 percent agree to the concept of Israel as a Zionist state. Over 72 percent believe that "Israel as a Zionist state, in which Jews and Arab live together, is racist."
This of course differs with the general concept of Palestinian citizens of Israel as a fifth column just waiting to be on the front lines as the Arab hordes push the Jews into the sea. And while some 75 percent of Israeli Jews pay lip service to "equal citizen[ship] with full rights" for Palestinian citizens of Israel, this distrustful attitude and question of dual loyalty looms large:
Some 80 percent of the Jewish respondents, however, said that an Israel Arab who defines himself as "a Palestinian Arab in Israel cannot be loyal to the state and its laws."
And thus the contradiction -- how can one be allowed "full rights" if one cannot be afforded the right to one's identity?

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