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As is now being widely reported, Lawrence Franklin has been arrested and charged with passing classified material on to AIPAC employees. It seems like ol' Larry is in a heap of trouble here. I don't have much to add to the Post story, other than to point out one point that is buried in the bottom of the story:
They also searched his home in West Virginia and found "approximately 83 separate classified U.S. government documents" spanning three decades. "At no time was Franklin's house an authorized location" for the storage of such documents, the statement said.
Jeez, it doesn't seem that this is a one-time occurence. Eighty-three documents over three decades is some serious breach of security. Yet another success story for the Pentagon.

Yet another proof of Israel’s loyalty to its greatest ally.

With friends like this...
Hey give the guy a break, will ya! He was just trying to keep the Israeli expat community in northern Iraq from being harrassed and besides the FBI was twisting his arm and trying to come between him and his buddy arms merchant Manucher Ghorabanifar and besides who can keep track of all the papers that are all over everybody's house and besides his wife is in a wheelchair. How would YOU like it?! This referenced article explains his humdrum life. It all seems very straightforward to me.

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\\Uncle Pitzer
Sounds like there's a cabal of anti-Semitic, anti-disabled people at the heart of this!!!
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