Monday, May 09, 2005


Two quick notes

First, I heartily recommend one check out the LGF Quiz Slideshow comparing propaganda images of the "enemy" (ie. Arabs/Jews, the media, the left) from Cox & Forkum and from fascist Germany (via Jesus' General). On a related note, I just started The Jew, the Arab: A History of the Enemy by Gil Anidjar, which I very much look forward to reading.

Second, I watched quite a bit of Fox News' special last night "Iran: The Nuclear Threat." If anybody comes across a good analysis of this special, please let me know. As one would expect, it was a war-mongering piece, advocating that Israel and/or the United States launch strikes (by airplane or by launching missiles) against the known Iranian nuclear technology sites (hopefully to be accompanied by some sort of action to push regime change). The "experts" trotted out all suggested that there was a "one percent chance" of a ground invasion of Iran ("boots on the ground"), but all three that I remember also indicated that there was a 50% or greater possibility (and need) to launch some kind of strike against the nuclear sites or perhaps a blockade of Iran's Persian Gulf ports. I would say that the tone of the piece certainly did not allow for a continuation of the status quo, and it may just be the opening volley of a stepped up sabre-rattling media campaign against Iran. Seymour Hersh predicted a war on Iran this summer. If that's going to happen, the rhetoric of this piece may well start popping up more and more in the upcoming days.

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