Monday, May 16, 2005


Pentagon tries to blame Newsweek for anti-American anger

I'm sorry, but the Pentagon is so full of shit on this one.
Bryan Whitman, a spokesman for the Pentagon, claimed the report, in last week's issue, was "demonstrably false" adding that it had had "significant consequences that reverberated throughout Muslim communities around the world".

"Newsweek hid behind anonymous sources, which by their own admission do not withstand scrutiny.

"Unfortunately, they cannot retract the damage they have done to this nation or those that were viciously attacked by those false allegations." (as quoted in the Guardian)
Yes, yknow, Newsweek has a lot to answer for. They've really done a lot of damage to this nation. Because there was no anger before Newsweek published their story. There was no anger about Abu Ghraib, or about treatment of prisoners in Guantanamo, or about outsourcing torture of suspects to other countries. Or about Palestine or the invasion of Iraq under false premises, or about supporting awful regimes (let's just pick on at random... oh, say, Uzbekistan). Yes, you see, none of these things generated anti-American sentiment around the world and resonating especially with Muslims. Or not until Newsweek printed this story, that is. When little Timmy turns to daddy with tears in his eyes and asks "Why do they hate us?" now daddy can look him in the eye and answer simply: "Newsweek!"

I'm sorry, was that copies of Newsweek I saw burning or the American flag?

It's just another case of the Bush-led government trying to place the blame of their wrongdoing on others. Tehre have been accusations of Quran abuse by American troops for years. I notice the government hasn't been able to prove there ISN'T such things. The tape interrogations I suspect so why no video footage to prove it's all wrong?
Absolutely. Furthermore, it seems that even an action that enrages certain elements of the population -- even large segments of the population -- do not equate to widespread rioting, violence, and deaths. This is an illustration that all is not quite under control in Afghanistan and that neither the U.S. military nor the U.S.-installed government there has created an environment of stability and calm. No big shocker, but this seems to be the real story that the Pentagon is trying to deflect by pointing an angry finger at Newsweek.
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