Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Palestine and China

They said that Yasir Arafat never spent two nights in a row in the same place (well, until he got stuck in the Muqata` and the Israelis wouldn't let him out), but recently Mahmud Abbas has been doing a bit of travelling himself, recently hitting up South America, Japan, China, and now coming to the U.S. Having a difficult enough time even figuring out where he was, I'll admit that I didn't keep track of much that came out of this whirlwind tour (other than the Brasilia Declaration). But luckily, Culture of Life Breaking News takes a good look at Abbas's trip to China and the Chinese-Palestinian relationship. It's interesting not only to those who obsess on the Israel-Palestine situation, but also very much through the frame of Chinese-U.S. relations as competing international power players (link via James Wolcott).

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