Thursday, April 14, 2005


More Gitmo Abuse Allegations

According to the Guardian:
In a lawsuit filed in a federal court in Boston, the Pentagon was challenged to release medical and psychiatric records for six Bosnian detainees who say they were tortured at Guantánamo.

The six inmates, all Algerians who had been settled in Bosnia for years, were originally accused of plotting an attack against the US embassy in Sarajevo. They were eventually cleared of all charges and released from prison. However, they were seized by the US military in January 2002, hooded, and taken to Guantánamo.

One prisoner, Mustafa Aid Idir, a computer technician who was on the Bosnian national karate team, suffered repeated beatings. A garden hose, running full blast, was forced into his mouth until he feared suffocation. His finger and thumb were broken, and his head was driven into the ground with such force that he suffered facial paralysis. "His eyes didn't blink, he couldn't eat, food was leaking from his mouth," said Melissa Hoffer, his attorney.
That coupled with more bad news from Iraq, and we see the rewards of the American-led "war on terrorism." I don't know why people think that things are going to change if we just keep doing more of the same. I guess some people are of the opinion that if we could just shove a few more garden-hoses down a few more Arab throats then we'd have democracy sprouting from every corner of the earth. I'm no gardener, but I don't think that's how it works.

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