Monday, April 25, 2005



If you didn't watch the made-for-TV movie "Locusts" last night, you missed a chance to hear the words "The Department of Homeland Security has issued a locust advisory" read in a film that was (supposedly) not a comedy. I didn't watch it from the start, but I wish I had (the Homeland Security parts were the best... especially with the head of the dept. of agriculture being played by the police officer from The Big Lebowski who gives the Dude his car back -- "Leads!"). For more information go here.

Well, I don't think I'm gonna see this, Alex, but I did read Danny Okrent's paean of self-praise in Sunday's NYT about how their coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian 'thang' is kewl with the really serious people who care about it. You should go read it. It's just so condescending. Made me realize once again why I keep going through the "no pennies for pundits" fury -- although buying a Sunday Times is quite a bit more than pennies.
Oh crumb. That would be me above, Aunt Deb.
Ugh. "Locusts" was much more enjoyable. I think these major media "ombudsmen" (like Okrent and Getler and the like) have simply become defensive cheerleaders for whatever paper or organization they work for. It's a joke to say that journalism simply means reporting what both "spokesmen" say (as if there were no people in Israel/Palestine that did not feel that the PA or GOI speak directly for them?) and getting hate mail from both sides is enough to say "we're getting it right." Stand right in the middle and you're OK. And if you have a problem with it, you're probably a loonie (not just a partisan, because even partisans like Michael Brown and Andrea Levin like the Times, right?) and why should we listen to you loonies. Or maybe we're just whiners.
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