Thursday, April 07, 2005


Good Cop, Bad Cop

It seems that Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres are playing good cop, bad cop again. While Sharon (bad cop) is approving the expansion of settlements in the West Bank by 3,500 new homes, he is sending Peres (good cop) to Washington to ask the US to help pay for removing settlements in the Gaza Strip. What a deal for Americans! Not only do we get to pay to build settlements, we get to pay to take them down also (as well as helping to cover the costs of "compensating" the settlers who leave, I'm sure). And who could turn down those droopy puppy-dog eyes on Peres? Well, we know Bush can't say no to Sharon, so that's probably not the target. The target is probably all those State Department types (you know those wimps) who don't get along so well with the bad cop. That's where Shimon steps in and says "look guys, I'm with you... but I need this money, you see, to make sure that Sharon goes through with this Gaza plan. We need this money to make sure the settlers don't get their way."

But the settlers are getting their way.

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