Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Washington Post Bullshit

The lead editorial of today's Washington Post is not only humorously linked on the website's front page (as follows: "Lead Editorial: Arab Dictators Resist Democracy" - as though this is somehow news to somebody, or as though this is a trait peculiar to Arab dictators, as opposed to all the other dictators who are so open to democracy) but full of rotten Orientalism within, embodied particularly in this sentence:
The old forces of the Middle East -- founded on autocracy, Islamic extremism and terrorism -- are facing off in Lebanon against its brand-new one, based on liberal values and peaceful "people power."
Though I am used to reading this kind of tripe in the op-ed pages of the Post, it's usually in Charles Krauthammer's column. I feel affirmed that I am no longer subscribed.

A rejoinder to The Washington Post's editorial -- written a quarter-century earlier.

"Islam Through Western Eyes" by Edward W. Said (from the April 26, 1980, issue of The Nation).
has there been no progress in 25 years?
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