Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Sasson Report; also, Israel and Iran

First things first, I located the summary of Talia Sasson's report on settlement outposts online. Unfortunately, the summary is 108 pages! Actually, though, if you save it (it is a .doc file, so it's not difficult to work with) and reduce the font size to 12 point throughout and single space it, you can get it below 50 pages. It certainly is a fascinating read and not too difficult (only difficult to stomach).

Also, according to a Sunday Times of London report, Israel has drawn up preliminarly plans for a combined air and ground attack aimed at crippling Iran's nuclear capabilities.
The newspaper said Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his inner cabinet had given "initial authorization" for a unilateral attack on Iran at a private meeting last month....

"If all efforts to persuade Iran to drop its plans to produce nuclear weapons should fail, the U.S. administration will authorize Israel to attack," the paper quoted an Israeli security source as saying.
However, any action by Israel I think would have to be precipitated by a change of some kind. I think this could happen if (a) the budget doesn't pass and Netanyahu comes to power or if (b) Sharon actually attempts to follow through on the disengagement plan and things go horrendously bad, as certain indications prove that they might. In such a case, in order to divert attention from that kind of internal fracturing, a war might be just the thing to reforge national unity.

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