Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Jane Harman: Idiot

I saw Jane Harman (D-CA) on Fox News this morning talking about how yesterday's Hizballah-led rally in Beirut was just an attempt by Hizballah to make it seem like they are a Lebanese organization. Excuse me, Representative Harman, but if Hizballah isn't Lebanese, what the hell are they? I'll refer you again to James Wolcott's suggestion that we're going to be hearing a lot more about Hizballah in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Unfortunately, most of what we'll be hearing is uninformed crap (such as the ludicrous insinuation that Hizballah is a foreign group operating inside Lebanon).

It was on “Fox and Friends”, right? I think I watched the same interview. I assume she meant to express that she does not see Hizballah as a Lebanese political organization but as a Lebanese-based terrorist organization that uses politics to conceal its real identity.

This is not a defense of her viewpoint; I just think that - considering the context of the comment - she might have misspoken.
Right, she may have meant that. But that's not exactly what she said. And the major problem is that neither Fox nor Friend (yes, it was indeed the same interview!) stepped in to say "wait, what do you mean by that?" so that if that IS what she meant, she would have a chance to correct herself.

But I think there is a certain view being put forward (if not necessarily believed by Harman herself and others like her) that since we are "with" the "people" of Lebanon, then as a result, anything that stands in our way is not "Lebanese." So if more people come out to a Hizballah-led rally, then that somehow is less "democratic", not the same "people power" as the fewer people who turn out for the anti-Syrian rally.

Since you also watched the same interview, did you also notice that Harman implied that the US was telling the EU countries "look, we'll join you in trying to work out a deal with Iran.... IF you put Hizballah on all your lists of terrorist organizations."

Is this American diplomacy at work?
Maybe if our leaders realized that Hizballah translates merely as "the party of God," that organization might seem more palatable to them, since our own Republican Party is also the party of God.

\\Uncle Pitzer
true enough.

i'm glad somebody out there is focused on building bridges instead of walls!

also, i think hizballah could help the GOP with their publicity work. i mean cmon, the raised fist weilding the kalashnikov is WAYYY cooler than an elephant. everybody knows that.
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