Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Hizballah: the new Taliban?

James Wolcott tells us to be on the lookout for the cable news swarm over Hizballah in the upcoming days and months. He writes:
So what we have here is another well-financed neocon operation, gearing up post-Iraq to frighten Americans about Hezbollah and to push for US premptive intervention. Hezbollah--"Iran-backed shock troops," as they're dubbed in the book's promo--will be equated with the Taliban, and just as Afghanistan had to be attacked for harboring the Taliban, countries that harbor, finance, and otherwise support Hezbollah must Face the Consequences.

Here's your homework assignment, boys and girls. Study cable news in the coming months, if you can stand the stomach upset, and see how many segments are devoted to the emerging threat posed by Hezbollah, and what America must do to protect itself. Particularly what-if scenarios about Hezbollah obtaining WMDs, and what they could do to American cities. I suspect we'll see quite an uptick.
Undoubtedly so. Especially because the Bush administration can use the Hizballah card against either Syria (especially as the Lebanon-Syria situation develops) or Iran (Shiites of a feather, et cetera et cetera). What a blessing! Wolcott mentions the authors of a book titled "Lightning out of Lebanon" who were on Wolf Blitzer shilling their Hizballaphobia (or should we call it Hizsteria?). But don't worry, there are plenty of these books that have just come out or are coming out shortly. Here's one. Oh, and here's one. Or this one? And dontcha just know it, but that suicide bombing in Tel Aviv (which was claimed by Islamic Jihad) is being blamed on Hizballah and Syria (not that it's out of the question that Hizballah was involved, but there is an obvious attempt recently to focus attention toward Hizballah, Syria, and to some degree Iran).

You are so ahead of me, Alex! I just sent you an email telling you to check out this Wolcott entry and then I looked at Errorist and there it was. Maybe this is why Halliburton.com is checking you out...

Aunt Deb
maybe.... hmm.... Wolcott is so good isn't he?
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