Thursday, March 24, 2005


Archbishop Oscar Romero

Today is the 25th anniversary of the assassination of El Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero. The world surely misses him and is direly in need of more people like him (and less like the pope). On ZNet, Marc Chmiel, a professor of theology at St. Louis University, draws on the memories of Oscar Romero and Rachel Corrie in an impassioned plea that a voice of morality emerge and that it be heard. Chmiel writes:
In the last election, much was made of Republican religiosity and some voters’ insistence on the primacy of moral values. Yet I think that in the very different lives of an Oscar Romero and a Rachel Corrie, we can discern, not a shared religiosity (marked by ritual, doctrine, and in-group identifications) but a shared set of moral values, a kind of social spirituality that is manifested in a solidarity with the victimized and the daring to stand up to their victimizers.

We are now moving into our third year of the war in Iraq. May we cross borders and boundaries and go where we are not supposed to go. May we hear the anguish of those who are being maimed and murdered by this filthy, rotten war. May we remain human in the dire circumstances ahead. And may more of us find our voice, like Oscar Romero’s, to intone, “Stop the repression!” and Rachel Corrie’s, to insist, “This has to stop.”

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