Tuesday, February 08, 2005


perhaps it should only be 3/5 of a vote?

Apparently Education Minister Limor Livnat, along with other right-wing Israeli MKs, does not think that a vote from an Arab MK is "legitimate." According to Ha'aretz:
Education Minister Limor Livnat caused a storm among opposition ranks Tuesday, after she said she felt "uncomfortable" knowing that passage of the evacuation-compensation bill by the Knesset Finance Committee was dependent on the vote of an Arab MK.

Livnat told Army Radio that [Hadash MK Mohammed] Barake's vote was legal, but questioned its legitimacy.
But Livnat is only the most prominent right-wing racist who thinks it outrageous that a citizen of Israel elected to its representative legislative body, the Knesset, should be able to cast a vote because he isn't the right ethnicity.
When the voting began and it became evident that Barake was voting in favor of the bill, [Likud MK Yehiel] Hazan and [Likud MK Michael] Gorlovsky leapt to their feet and began attacking his vote, charging the vote was illegitimate because it passed with an Arab's vote. Other rightists in the committee room joined in.
Yep, there you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present you with your ruling party in Israel, the Likud.

UPDATE (9 February): Well look whose come to the defense of Barake. If it isn't Ariel Sharon himself!
"Are Arabs not citizens of Israel?" Sharon told reporters in the Knesset, according to Army Radio.
As long as they are voting for something you want, right? Arik Sharon, the champion of Palestinian rights. HA!

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