Thursday, February 24, 2005


Bush appointed special counsel sells out whistleblowers

According to a news release by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Bush-appointed U.S. Special Counsel Scott Bloch has dismissed over 1,000 whistleblower cases in the past year.
According to the figures released by Bloch, in the past year the Office of Special Counsel:

-Dismissed or otherwise disposed of 600 whistleblower disclosures where civil servants have reported waste, fraud, threats to public safety and violations of law. Bloch has yet to announce a single case where he has ordered an investigation into the employee’s charges. Bloch says that 100 disclosures are still pending; and

-Made 470 claims of retaliation disappear. In not one of these cases did Bloch’s office affirmatively represent a whistleblower to obtain relief before the civil service court system, called the Merit Systems Protection Board. Bloch says that another 30 retaliation cases remain in the backlog.

In order to speed dismissals, Bloch instituted a rule forbidding his staff from contacting a whistleblower if their disclosure was deemed incomplete or ambiguous. Instead, OSC would simply dismiss the matter. As a result, hundreds of whistleblowers never had a chance to justify why their cases had merit.
Given that this is antithetical to the entire purpose of the existence of Scott Bloch's position, how the hell does he justify this? Well, you see, he claims that he's cut down on the number of backlogged cases. True, he's accomplished that by simply dismissing them. And who cares about whistleblowers? Just a bunch of whiners, probably (right, Aunt Deb?).

Seriously, this kind of justification is laughable, if it weren't so sad.

Well, really, if those people don't like their jobs, they should just shut up or leave! Seriously, Alex, I think something similar will happen in the case of consumer complaints now, too, after the passage of the law to stop them from appearing in state courts.

It's pretty remarkable how safe big business and big gummint is nowadays, isn't it? And without any help from the Department of Homeland Security. Of course, maybe that's because in the eyes of Bush Republicans, the greatest danger has always been the workers and the consumers...
Aunt Deb
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