Monday, January 31, 2005


Scott Horton on responsibility

There is an excellent article by Scott Horton, a lawyer and lecturer at Columbia University, about Alberto Gonzales, torture, and the responsibility of those who craft bad policy in the context of the Nuremberg trials and the commemoration of Auschwitz. I don't have much time to write about it, but let me just say that the comparisons that Horton draws between the Bush administration and the Nazis are not wild-eyed "Bush=Hitler" type ranting. It is simply an examination of the rhetoric of reponsibility in the two cases, rhetoric which is eerily similar in specific cases. Maybe I'll write more on it later, but it's worth a read.

Alex, did you see that Judith Miller says that the Bush administration is in discussion with Chalabi about how to set up the 'new' Iraqi government, the assumption being that he will be something major in said government? The current Iraqi leadership has continued the tradition of torturing prisoners and detainees with no apparent effort on our part to bring this to an end. Indeed, I don't really know what the status is of our own use of torture on detainees. We are still apparently shipping some number of arrestees to countries in which torture is matter of fact or at least will not redound upon us. Or so we seem to think.

Perhaps it is the very barrel itself that's rotten?

Aunt Deb
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