Wednesday, January 12, 2005


No More Peace Pipes

According to the Forward, Daniel Pipes is out at the US Insitute of Peace. Looks like Danny boy had a hard time getting along (note: does not play well with others), this becoming most obvious in March of 2004.
Last March, he clashed with the organization, lambasting it in his column for hosting a conference with a group, the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, that Pipes charged employs personnel who are Muslim "radicals.”

The institute’s director of congressional and public affairs, Kay King, responded to the criticism in a letter that Pipes posted to his Web site,

"The Institute was aware of and took seriously the accusations made against CSID and some of the speakers at the event,” King wrote. "These allegations were investigated carefully with credible private individuals and U.S. government agencies and found to be without merit. The public criticism of CSID and the speakers was found to be based on quotes taken out of context, guilt by association, errors of fact, and innuendo.”
Quotes taken out of context, guilt by association, errors of fact, and innuendo? Gee, you don't say. It seems to me that Pipes has made himself a nice career in the right-wing media out of these exact tactics. It's a joke that this guy was ever part of the USIP and I'm happy to see him thrown out on his ass.

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