Thursday, January 06, 2005


Alberto Gonzales

In light of Alberto Gonzales's big day today, here is an article that might be worth reading. Here is the gist of it:
Sexual and physical abuse of Iraqi prisoners continued at least three months after the Abu Ghraib scandal was revealed, according to accounts by alleged victims in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

Iraqi inmates were sexually assaulted, beaten, administered electric shocks and kept in cages or crates, the magazine said, based on 60 hours of interviews with 10 former inmates, including a 15-year-old boy.

Writer Donovan Webster quotes an inmate saying he was hung naked from handcuffs in a frigid room while soldiers threw buckets of ice water on him.

Webster added that several of the people he interviewed said their mistreatment took place in July, three months after the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal broke in late April.
Yep, that's three months after the Abu Ghraib story broke (not after it actually happened).
The article said the former detainees interviewed are suing two American companies that provided translators and interrogators to forces in Iraq and that their firsthand accounts comprised "hundreds, if not thousands, of separate Geneva Conventions violations".
They must mean hundres, if not thousands of separate violations of those oh so quaint and obsolete Geneva Conventions.

(via the Front Line)

You mean "so-called" violations...

Aunt Deb
of these "so-called" Geneva Conventions
I thought you might be interested. If you don't want Gonzales to be confirmed by the Senate link the phrase tortured logic to

We are going to achieve a googlebomb.
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