Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Abbas to Sharon: "I can bulldoze, too"

Abu Mazin has turned bulldozers against his own people, ordering PA workers to tear down buildings erected "illegally" on "government land" according to Haaretz.
The operation was the first of its kind in Gaza City, where dozens of small shops, cafes and kiosks have sprung up along the Mediterranean beach in recent years.
Yep, in Palestine, in Gaza where 81 percent of the population lives below the international poverty line of 2 dollars per day, Abu Mazin has taken to destroying businesses.
Police commander Moussa Allaian, in charge of the operation, said Abbas gave the order for the late-night operation after seeing the illegal construction during his recent trip in Gaza.
Abu Mazin went to Gaza and what bothered him was that people were building on "government land"? This is the man that is supposed to be the president? And there aren't more pressing concerns? Abu Mazin may be able to maintain ties with Israel and the US (though even that is doubtful) but he can hardly retain what little popular support he had if he keeps this up.

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