Thursday, December 23, 2004


Who, me? Racist?

Allow me to quote from a Ha'aretz article:
The Arab mentality is made of "a sense of being a victim," "pathological anti-Semitism," and "a tendency to live in a world of illusions" ... the Arabs neglect sanitation in their communities. "Most of the Arab villages are dirtier, physically - it's a fact," he said.
So let's try to guess who the "he" that said is. A settler activist against removing settlements? A member of the Knesset? No, this time it's Prof. Rafi Israeli, a lecturer in Middle Eastern studies at Hebrew University and an expert witness for the State Prosecution in a case against five members of the Islamic Movement in Israel. This guy is obviously a right-wing racist, which in and of itself is scary, but no scarier than say, Michael Savage or Bobby Fischer. But for this man to be considered an "expert witness" (especially for the State) is disgusting.
The Islamic Movement and its defense team expressed shock and outrage at the choice of Israeli as a witness for the prosecution. "It's a shame and a disgrace," said attorney Feldman, noting he would be taking the matter up with the attorney general "to see if he stands behind this testimony."
Unfortunately, there will probably be greater outrage over the defendants comparison of Prof. Israeli's opinions to certain tenets of Naziism. Of course some of those who would be offended to hear mention of the Holocaust out of the mouths of a Palestinian Muslim would have no problem with certain settlers using an orange Star of David badge (to recall the Holocaust) to protest the proposed evacuation of settlers from Gaza. Absolute dispicable madness, really. Fortunately, the settler badge ploy was met with resounding criticism from the vast majority of sectors within Israel.

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