Friday, December 17, 2004


This really turns my stomach

From the Guardian:
Hollywood has joined the war. Universal Pictures announced yesterday that it is to make The Battle for Falluja....

The film - Hollywood's first foray into the second Iraq conflict - is due to go into production next year and will be based on a yet-to-be-finished book, No True Glory: The Battle for Falluja by Bing West, a former marine, politician and now war correspondent.

The movie and book take as their starting point the killing of four civilian contractors in Falluja and the ensuing decision to order an assault on the city by US marines....

The film promises to depict the story from the point of view of US soldiers and politicians; it seems unlikely that the plight of the Iraqis will figure too prominently in Hollywood's take on the subject.
Harrison Ford, what the heck is wrong with you? Don't get me wrong, I love Indiana Jones, but this is just not right. Not at all.

I wonder what Ford will be playing in this film, if it ever hits the theatres? He's too old to be playing a field soldier, but since this is a Hollywood film....

If it does appear it will be interesting to see what the response from the "Hollywood is run by anti-American leftists" crowd will be.
Hey if Mel Gibson...Maybe this is the new wave of American filmmaking. Sad because I did think that Hollywood was a vast left wing...

Maybe they too consider Bush's two percent victory, a mandate to produce Bush friendly films.

I am very disapointed in Harrison Ford, but he is aging fast and I just realized that I have no idea about his or Calista Flockheart's politics, and usually I wouldn't care but we seem to be in a stupid idealogical war.
In the article I think it said that Ford was going to play the general who was in charge of the first (April) Fallujah offensive. I guess it will be interesting to see how this film ends up taking shape.
That was the general who did the Vietnam thing and held back when he shoulda bombed the crap outta them -- like we just did and it worked so fine. Yeah.

When you think about it, Alex, you can see how they are thinking of this film. It will be just like Blackhawk Down, but with a satisfying ending. Like, we get to bomb them to shit and show them they better not mess with our mercenaries, nossirree.

BTW, yahoonews' top story right now is that Bush says things are tough in Iraq, yep, and a lot of it is because of those weenie Iraqi National Guards. You know, it takes a lot of gall to be contemptuous of people who are so desparate for a job that they will willingly join a group that they know is being targeted. Especially if you, the sneerer, made damn sure you were never in harm's way.
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