Wednesday, December 29, 2004


PFLP endorses Mustafa Barghouthi

The PFLP officially endorsed Mustafa Barghouthi for president today at a press conference in Gaza City. It's not going to really make much of a difference, unfortunately, since the PFLP was not fielding a candidate and Barghouthi was already getting much of the leftist vote anyhow. And it's not like the PFLP would really turn out more than about 5 percent of the vote in any scenario. Still, as I wrote below, I think he is running a solid campaign, and hopefully he will emerge from this elections as more of a player in things.

UPDATE: 30 December 2004
Here is the press release from the PFLP regarding its endorsement of Mustafa Barghouthi.
From: Press Office-Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Dec 30 , 2005

The PFLP engaged in efforts to unify the democratic forces behind one candidate in the presidential elections, and, therefore, presented two main points for agreement on one united candidate. The first was the Democratic National Program (DNP) and the second was a commitment to an objective mechanism to select the candidate.

This was rejected by some of these forces leading to a dead-end process, especially when each force chose to nominate a representative of its own.

The PFLP then opened a dialogue with our comrades in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), the People's Party, and the National Initiative. We have reached an agreement with our comrades in the National Initiative to endorse comrade Mustapha Barghouti as the candidate for the presidential elections, based on the Democratic National Program, which is comprised of the following points:

1-Commitment to our Palestinian National Rights; at the forefront being the Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees who have been displaced by force since 1948, the right of self-determination, and the right to establish our independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

2- Opposing both the "road map" and the racist Sharon plan, as well as every other political process that is based on the Oslo agenda and its "security approach" to solving the Arab Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Rather, supporting the national solution, which guarantees and protects our national goals.

3- The continuation of the Intifada and the resistance, by all forms and means of struggle - the political, the military, and the mass forms of our struggle - and to develop the strength of the Intifada and to accumulate its successes, on the road to achieve all of our people's goals.

4 -To struggle for the rebuilding of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the main tool for the unity of our people and to activate its role and institutions.

On the internal Palestinian situation and the task of democratic change, we have agreed on the following points:

1- To continue our struggle to mandate the election law, and to provide a national and democratic process, in order for the elections to serve as a tool in the hands of our masses for self-determination, and therefore, to decide upon their options of resistance. Also, to develop a time line and schedule for the elections of the Palestine Legislative Council (PLC) , Palestine National Council (PNC), local councils, unions and popular institutions. This is the only basis to guarantee mass participation in the decision-making process.

2- To struggle for a democratic Palestinian political system and the separation between the three branches of the authority (legislative, executive and judicial).

3- To continue the struggle to resist administrative and financial corruption and to try anyone who is and/or was involved in corruption.

4- To build for a political development program which reflects and meets the needs of the popular impoverished classes, to develop our health and educational institutions, to support the struggle of our women and our youth and to preserve our national culture.

On these bases, the PFLP has decided to support a candidate who agrees to the Democratic National Program to confront the current political challenges. Therefore, the PFLP calls upon all of its members, cadres, and supporters to back and support Dr. Mustapha Barghouti, to support the path of resistance which opposes the current Zionist plans, to challenge the hegemony and unilateral leadership that is unrepresentative of the Palestinian people, and to protect the political program which calls for reforms and democratic change, by voting for Dr. Mustapha Barghouti.

Glory to the martyrs

Freedom for the prisoners of freedom

Victory belongs to our people

2004- 12- 30

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