Friday, December 17, 2004


Mustafa Barghouthi in al-Ahram

Sherine Bahaa chats with Mustafa Barghouthi in this week's al-Ahram. Ironically (or not, I suppose), the most democratically minded of the Palestinian presidential candidates talks about being shut out of the contest by outside parties - Israelis, the US, Britain - who talk about the necessity of establishing democracy in Palestine and the Middle East in general. About the US, Barghouthi says:
I have not seen them support our democracy yet... When I see them criticise Israel and condemn their acts against me, when I see them condemn the beating of candidates in the Palestinian presidential elections and insist on our right to free movement, then I will believe it. Meanwhile, they are trying to force a particular candidate on us. It's very strange, because all the people who are running as candidates in these coming elections are pro-peace: so why would they prefer one person to another? If they are just looking for someone who will give in to them, then that person will fail to represent the Palestinian people. I am planning to represent our people, not anybody else's interests.

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