Monday, December 06, 2004


Funny, I don't remember hearing that this weekend

The Guardian really suckered me in with this headline they had online today: Pakistani president denounces war on terror. I would have to argue that the headline is a bit misleading, as the article didn't really supply any quotes from Musharraf that would quite qualify as a "denouncement" of the "war on terror." Still:
Mr Musharraf claimed that the war on terror had failed to address the causes of terrorism, saying that although terrorists were being tackled head-on militarily, there was also a "strategic long-term dimension" to the problem.

"That is getting at the core of what creates terrorists, what creates an extremist, militant environment which then leads on to terrorism," he said. "That is the resolution of political disputes."
Which is a bit more critical than anything that was heard from the statements here in Washington following a Musharraf-Bush meeting. Maybe this happened behind closed doors, but maybe Musharraf wouldn't want to embarass our buddy W with all those weapons deals coming his way. Hmmm....

Yes. And what he was trying to say got expressed quite explicitly in Jeddah. Bush still doesn't hear it, though. Every disaster is a sign of success, in Bushworld.

Aunt Deb
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