Thursday, December 02, 2004


AIPAC in hot water?

As much as I'm sure AIPAC wanted this whole Larry Franklin incident to disappear into the shadows of the past, it looks as though the FBI is actually going to pursue the issue. According to Ha'aretz, the FBI raided AIPAC's Washington office, "request[ed] files related to two employees, Steve Rosen and Keith Weisman, and served four others with subpoenas. The four were identified as Howard Core, Richard Fishman, Rene Rofting and Ravidan Zinger."

Juan Cole wrote quite a bit about this when the Larry Franklin incident first broke. Here are a few of his blog entries from around this time: Franklin met with Naor Gilon, Newsweek: Franklin Confesses; AIPAC under separate FBI investigation, AIPAC Blitz on Capitol Hill, and AIPAC spy case involves intelligence on Iranian WMD.

If the Iranian situation begins to heat up at all (that is, if the rhetoric and posturing in the Congress or from the White House begins to heat up), I think this may keep coming back around for AIPAC.

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