Tuesday, November 09, 2004



I just finished reading Joan Didion's Politics in the 'New Normal' America from the October 21 issue of the New York Review of Books. It's quite long, but if you have the time, do read it. I simply adore Joan Didion.

Isn't that article on target? There's a very good essay analyzing Kerry's and Bush's economic proposals in that same NYRB. Never too late to read that, I think, given what's going to be tried by the same-old regime now that they got a MANdate.

This next has to do with the coverage of Fallujah, but also demonstrates something Didion was talking about in her essay; namely, the effective uncoupling of descriptive terms from either emotive or rational stimulus, depending on your political position. I was listening to a news report on Fallujah -- it might have been Diane Rehm's NPR show, actually -- on which there was discussion of the attack and the consequences for the remaining civilians there. Lots of blather about dis and dat, but then an "expert" said that probably lots of the reporters showing the good folks of American stuff on dullavision weren't really "military" folks, so they didn't know how to explain what people were seeing. He went on to say that when you see military kicking in doors and charging into houses, they are doing something called "backcovering".

Who cares what it's called?? What you are seeing is precisely what they are actually doing. Destroying somebody's front door and crashing into their house with their guns ready to kill anyone who scares them. Nothing to do with their backs.

I have been exposed to Fox news at my new gym -- all the bikes face the three dullavisions, all of which are tuned to Fox. To listen to those people, the war is sorta a hoot; I mean, sure, you gotta worry about our troops but really, it's just so goddamn kewl seeing shit get blown up an' all. It's completely superficial and sublimely unselfconscious "reporting". Makes my hair stand on end, sometimes. I mean, these are the good Christian folks, right??

Aunt Deb
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