Monday, November 29, 2004


Salman al-Awda

This is from Saad al-Ajmi's article Echoes of Fallujah resound in the Gulf:
In Saudi Arabia some 26 Islamic clergymen issued a communiquÈ with a fatwa condemning the attack and calling for jihad (holy war).

Among the signatories was the famous Salman Al Awda who runs the web-site Islam-on-line. Ironically, a week after signing the widely publicised fatwa, the press reported that Al Awda called on the Saudi authorities to keep his son from volunteering to join the jihad.

His son, Ma’ath, had sent an SMS text message to his family telling them to pray for him as he was on his way to Fallujah to fight in what had been declared by his father and others to be a holy war.

It turned out that Ma’ath was only joking - he was in fact just going on a hunting trip. The joke wrought havoc in the family and brought public embarrassment to Al Awda, who had been actively encouraging young men - with the apparent exception of his son, that is - to go to Fallujah to fight in the jihad.
Awww pops, lighten up. I was only joking.

Shaykh Salman al awdah runs the website , not .

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