Thursday, November 04, 2004


Oh, you thought this was going to be a real trial

According to a Human Rights Watch report, much of the damning evidence that could be used against Saddam Hussein in a trial is "likely to have been lost or tainted because US-led forces have failed to safeguard official documents and the remains of victims in mass graves." The Guardian reports:
In the months after the invasion, they failed to stop people looting thousands of official documents, or to stop relatives of "disappeared" persons from digging up remains found in some mass grave sites, according to the report, titled Iraq: The State of the Evidence.

The invading forces subsequently failed to put in place the professional expertise and help necessary to ensure proper classification and exhumation procedures. As a result, it was very likely that key evidence had been lost or tainted.
Asked to comment on the report, the Bush administration replied, "Oh [chuckle] you thought this was going to be, like, a real trial [Guffaws of laughter] Well, ain't that cute. Now run along now, we've got some champagne to drink. Four More Years! Four More Years!"

Honestly, though, add this to the (already substantial) list of things the US-led forces didn't safeguard. The Baghdad museum, weapons storage facilities, nuclear facilities, buildings that housed official documents, mass graves, the ministry of oil. Oh wait, scratch that last one. Seems to have been the only place we did safeguard. Again, I don't think this is really going to have much of an effect on Saddam's trial, but I do think that it is just one more piece in the craptacular puzzle of how poorly things were handled in Iraq.

I think it's scurrilous to suggest that the Bush administration didn't work as hard as it could to gaurd mass graves. Of course they did. It's hard work! In fact, the armed forces have been working hard to create more bodies in Iraq to replace the tainted ones! Want any wood?
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