Thursday, November 11, 2004


Isn't that nice

They're going to wait until after the funeral before unleashing a propaganda attack campaign. From Ha'aretz:
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday that after the funeral of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, Israel will launch a propaganda campaign against him. The political-security cabinet yesterday approved the proposed plans to bury Arafat in Ramallah.

"It is feared that after his funeral Arafat will become a national hero and freedom-fighter," Sharon said. "We will launch a tough struggle to portray his murderous character and the fact that he is a strategist of world terror who hurt innocent people, both Israelis and American diplomats," he said.
Oh wait, I forget. How is this different than what's been happening for years?

Amazements never cease with that fat-bellied monster. But i guess that's to be exepected after all.
you can see it taking place in the dreck that charles krauthammer manages to get published at the washington post. funny how michael getler, ombudsman at the post, assured me that i must be the only person in the washington post readership area who would possibly believe that the post is pro-israel. what a load of crap.
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