Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The Day After

Blogger has been funny today - I guess because everybody wants to blog about the election - so the other posts I tried to put up today didn't happen. Honestly, though, I really haven't felt much like thinking.

I was very much moved by an email that my Aunt Sally sent to my Aunt Deb, parts of which I will reproduce here. She lives in rural Pennsylvania, so her perspective is a welcome addition to this blog (which may just suffer from the young metropolitan male blogger syndrome).
well, now that all the shock and awe is having its numbing effect......aren't we happy the new Walmart has opened in Shippensburg!!!! More minimum wage jobs selling crap and providing no health insurance or retirement because everybody is just under fulltime employment status. Now, how clever is that!!!!! Good responsible American company......looking out for hardworking honest red white and bleeding workers.

I sent a note back to school with [my cousin] telling them not to send home any more papers begging for donations to send to troops in Iraq----I am not supporting war in any way shape or form. and tell the PTO to forget about more fundraisers. They didn't make even half of what they expected on the fundraiser. Nobody has money for that kind of stuff. Shame on all you Republicans who now wonder about the reason for that poor turn-out.......

I think they need to be told that to their faces. And this morning I was mad enough to do it... The world will go on. But I really believe that the economy will get worse. The price of gas will continue to go up and food will go up and people will have less to spend. The double mortgage purchasing of homes will continue and then people will crash and burn because they can't afford it. Doom sayer, I am this morning.....

I've also been listening to Ted Leo today, who I think is an amazing and inspiring person and a great musician. While he has many great political songs, the lyrics that keep popping into my head today come from his song "Biomusicology":
All in all we cannot stop singing
we cannot start sinking
We swim until it ends
They may kill and we may be parted
But we will ne'er be broken hearted

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