Friday, October 08, 2004


Weekend Reading

Here is a little bit of weekend reading for anybody who has the time and the patience. Ha'aretz published the compelete interview with Dov Weisglass in its Friday Magazine. It's got the quotes about how Gaza disengagement means freezing the peace process as well as some sickening details about his relationship with Condy Rice (she calls him Dubie, he calls her Condy... gag me with a spoon). Also, the UN OCHA just published a report called Gaza on the Edge about the continuing humanitarian crisis in Gaza with some very sobering statistics presented clearly and concisely (only 4 pages, in pdf format).

Also, I just noticed that I've gone over 200 posts on this blog and have had 3,285 visitors (although probably 40 percent of those come from myself, my lovely girlfriend Amanda, and my wonderful Aunt Deb). I mean, I'd like to say that I write this blog without caring whether people read it or not, but that's not really true. I'd like to think that people read what I write here, or what I link to here, and think it's worthwhile. I must say that in writing a blog I have definitely increased my reading, both of online news sources and other blogs. Anyhow, I really want to thank all the people that visit my blog, especially repeat visitors. I want to thank the great people who have linked to my blog, especially Gabe, Aunt Deb, Oliver, Atrios, Peter at That Good Night, James at Ctrl+Alt+Destroy, and Cloudstrifer (especially those of you I do not know personally). I am honored that people would link to this site and am more than happy to return the favor. Also, I appreciate all comments that people have made. I will continue to try to make this blog better and more interesting, although sometimes it is hard work (just as the President about that). Finally I'd like to thank Amanda, whose idea it was that I start writing this in the first place. Thank you all and Jah bless.

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