Monday, October 04, 2004


Pat Robertson Threatens Evangelical 3rd Party

It is a little bit interesting to think of these transatlantic (+Med.) political scenes and how the prospect of abandonment (even to a limited degree) of the "Greater Israel" initiative is threatening to split the Likud party in Israel and now Pat Robertson is threatening to split the Republican party on similar grounds. Robertson, in Israel as part of a kind of rally of some 5,000 pro-Israel evangelicals from around the world, stated, according to Ha'aretz:
"The President has backed away from [the road map] but if he were to touch Jerusalem, he'd lose all evangelical support," Robertson said. "Evangelicals would form a third party" because, though people "don't know about" Gaza, Jerusalem is an entirely different matter.
It may seem obvious to most that the Republicans sure aren't going to "touch" Jerusalem, but I think probably most of these pro-Israel Christian Zionist evangelical types think that Bush is radically anti-Israel (hell, he's practically Yasir Arafat) given his talk of a "Palestinian state" and supporting Ariel Sharon's proposed Gaza withdrawal plan and all that. Some other choice quotes from Robertson, with any editorial comments of my own in brackets:
Robertson urged that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) be abolished, given what he called the organization's active role in the "perpetuation" of the Palestinian refugee problem [more on UNRWA in an upcoming post]. He warned that a Palestinian state would become "a constant source of irritation" that would "endanger the territorial integrity" of Israel.


In a gathering of more than 4,000 pilgrims at a Jerusalem convention center Sunday, Robertson warned that some Muslims were trying to foil "God's plan" to let Israel hold on to its lands.


"I see the rise of Islam to destroy Israel and take the land from the Jews and give East Jerusalem to [Palestinian Authority Chairman] Yasser Arafat. I see that as Satan's plan to prevent the return of Jesus Christ the Lord," said Robertson, a Christian broadcaster. [Umm... Yasser Arafat is probably not the person most Islamists want to see controlling East Jerusalem]


He said he "sends notice" to Osama bin Laden, Arafat and Palestinian militant groups that "you will not frustrate God's plan" to have Jews rule the Holy Land until the Second Coming of Jesus. [You couldn't make this stuff up!]


"God says, 'I'm going to judge those who carve up the West Bank and Gaza Strip,'" Robertson said. "'It's my land and keep your hands off it.'"
Sorry, just had to throw those out there. This stuff is so nutty and it just blends all these political issues with God and Jesus and all that stuff such that it becomes absolutely impossible to reason or argue on any sort of plane of reality or sanity. Oy vavoy. In a fantasy land, I'd love to see this evangelical third party, seeing as how it would fundamentally reduce the power of both the Christian Zionists and the Republican Party. But seeing as how everybody else sees it the same way, that's exactly why it isn't going to happen.

I think Pat Robertson and the totally insane leader of Iran could shake hands concerning their unprecedented stupid and hateful comments toward Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Both Mr. Robertson and Mr.Iran should be hit over the head BONG!.... by some frying pans! (preferably heavy iron skillet type).
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