Monday, October 04, 2004


Must have got some mixed messages or something

So it seemed that in terms of the debates, Bush was at rock bottom. He was getting slammed during the debate by John Kerry, he was getting slammed after the debate by everybody else. What else could go wrong? Well, it seems that the "coallition" partner in Iraq that Bush seemed to emphasize the most, Poland, has announced today that it intends to withdraw all their troops from Iraq over the next year. According to Agence France-Press:
Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski said after talks in Paris that Warsaw wants to withdraw all its 2,500 troops from Iraq during the course of next year.
You'd think for the hours they probably spent coaching Bush on how to pronounce Kwasniewski's name, they might have done a little bit of checking around to see what was coming up in the next week (I doubt an announcement like this comes based on a decision made overnight). Pretty amazing.

(All due props to Deepak for sending this to me.)

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