Thursday, October 28, 2004


More thoughts on Arafat

Two thoughts here. First, I think it's interesting that there is all this concern that chaos is going to break out if Arafat dies or cannot resume his position because of health issues. I think that people who are overly concerned about that either:

a) think too much of Arafat. I mean he is not ruling the West Bank and Gaza with an iron fist. His control is very limited (he's been cooped up in one room for the past 2 and a half years) and this idea that he is responsible for every terrorist attack, that he could stop them if he wanted, that he launched the intifada - well, they're convenient for attacking Arafat, but they don't stand up too well in reality. Or,

b) haven't been paying attention to the situation too closely recently. The post-Arafat chaos already happened. The burning and looting of PA buildings in Gaza and Jenin. The breaking up of meetings of PA officials. The kidnapping of security officials in Gaza. This is the chaos that people are talking about. It already happened. And it is still happening, but I do not think that we are going to see a large uptick in chaos and violence. At least not solely as a result of the Arafat situation. The mirage that Arafat was the one in control has been fading for a while.

Second, everybody is trying to guess as to whom will succeed Arafat. I got an email from Reuters with a link to a page with photos of the five possible successors to Arafat (Abu Alaa, Abu Mazen, Mohammed Dahlan, Marwan Barghouti, and Rawhi Fattouh). Peep the link and you'll have a hard time finding a photo of Fattouh. The fact that he doesn't even have any photos in the Reuters archives means that he is probably not going to be the successor. I just thought that was funny.

I agree with you on this issue, I hatethe way the media goes about the situation by focusin on the reactionary... it doesn't matter what's happening with the Palestinian leadership, whether Arafat is dead or dying. Humanity has a mutual responsibility to stop Oppression wherever it may arise and therefore we should be focusing on the real issue... the Occupation and how to go about making Palestine/Israel a peaceful nation for all, I know this isn't an easy task and it's very easy to just make a statement like that but it has to start somewhere. We have to start somehwere.


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